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Dr Eugene C Brown Jr DDS MS Reviews

Thank you for visiting the website of Dr. Eugene C. Brown! Dr. Brown has three convenient office locations in Jackson, Madison and Grenada, Mississippi. Our practice's top priority is to provide you the highest quality orthodontic care in a friendly, comfortable environment.

We use the latest innovative braces, including Damon and In-Ovation braces, as well as Invisalign®, to enhance your smile through increased comfort and more efficient treatment. Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of clear, customized removable appliances called aligners. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as digital X-rays, to ensure you receive optimum results.

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Review Verified on 10/28/2016
"They are awesome. Great job on my granddaughters teeth."

Review Verified on 10/18/2016
"I would recommend this orthodontist to anybody. I had a great experience."

Review Verified on 10/18/2016
"I am so glad I cam to Dr. Brown's Office. This was a very long journey and I have waited 2 years for this day to finally come. I know longer have a gap between my two front teeth!!!"

Review Verified on 10/10/2016
"We are new new, we don't have our braces on, yet. I wanted to express my gratitude to Dakota in the front office for going above and beyond...after find a way for us to see Dr. Brown. We had an unfortunate dental situation that needed Dr. Brown's immediate attention. It was not a medical issue, it was a self-esteem issue for a teenager. She was so sweet and empathetic to our problem...she worked every angle she could find. I cannot thank her enough for finding a way to get us taken care daughter was grateful to the point of tears. If the front of this practice is this dedicated to customer service, I know we will be thrilled with what's to come. Thank you deserve more stars...we cannot wait to say thank you in person."

Review Verified on 10/6/2016
"Great office"

Review Verified on 10/5/2016
"Very nice Doctor and nurses.. Very informational. Can't go wrong"

Review Verified on 10/5/2016
"Great experience"

Review Verified on 10/5/2016
"Love the staff!!"

Review Verified on 10/5/2016
"Value And care for ALL patients!"

Review Verified on 10/4/2016
"Dr. Brown and his staff did a wonderful job with my son Cole! My 11 yr old was less than thrilled when he found out he needed braces, but after Ms Paula and Ms Dakota warmed up to him and made him feel comfortable, the rest was a breeze! Now he can't stop smiling!! Thanks y'all"

Review Verified on 10/4/2016
"The staff was great very friendly and boy oh boy I am so happy with the results"

Review Verified on 10/3/2016
"We love Dr. Brown and all of his amazing staff!"

Review Verified on 10/3/2016
"Some minor technical issues in the beginning - now a beautiful smile with no braces"

Review Verified on 9/30/2016
"They did great and the bearly ever hurt"

Review Verified on 9/29/2016
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"It was great! Would recommend this office for anyone!"

Review Verified on 9/29/2016
Facebook Verified
"They made it the easiest thing I've done. Barley ever felt any pain!!"

Review Verified on 9/28/2016

Review Verified on 9/26/2016
"Can not say enough about Dr. Brown and his staff...professionalism , service and individual care go above and beyond straightening your teeth. I'm am deeply grateful for my care and results!! Angela Jones"

Review Verified on 9/20/2016
"Regan had a great experience getting her braces."

Review Verified on 9/16/2016
"All good. Always professional."

Review Verified on 9/16/2016
"Fun atmosphere!!"

Review Verified on 9/15/2016
"A great experience. All the staff are super nice and knowledgable. Dr. Brown has been great to work with to get the results we were seeking. He truly puts the patient's needs 1st. If you are looking for an orthodontist -- look no more --- this is the place."

Review Verified on 9/15/2016
"They did good!"

Review Verified on 9/12/2016
"Wonderful staff and overall great experience!!!"

Review Verified on 9/7/2016
"Great job! Beautiful results. Kind, attentive staff. Highly recommend!"

Review Verified on 9/1/2016
"2 years with Doctor brown and his staff were awesome."

Review Verified on 9/1/2016
"Staff is always courteous. Very helpful with working appointment schedules with school schedules."

Review Verified on 8/31/2016
"Staff is so sweet and Dr Brown is the best"

Review Verified on 8/24/2016
"He is a great orthodontist"

Review Verified on 8/17/2016
"Dr. Brown and his staff is the best. He did wonders to my teeth. I highly recommend him to be your orthodontist."

Review Verified on 8/12/2016
"i love Dr. brown and all his staff!!! From the first visit to the last, they were the BEST!!! I wore my braces for the exact amount of time he said I would! I love my SMILE!!! Thanks Dr. Brown!!!!!"

Review Verified on 8/8/2016
"I am so glad I finally decided to get braces. At 68 years old I know it was a good decision. It's never too late! The time passed so fast and Dr Brown and all his staff couldn't have been nicer. Great experience!"

Review Verified on 8/8/2016
"Love Dr. Brown and his staff, but I'm glad they are off!"

Review Verified on 8/1/2016

Review Verified on 7/27/2016
"Great result"

Review Verified on 7/20/2016

Review Verified on 7/18/2016
"He's amazing! Would recommend him to anyone!"

Review Verified on 7/5/2016
"The people were just great the braces were painless and comfortable"

Review Verified on 6/24/2016
"Like always, yall were kind, cautious, and caring. 10/10"

Review Verified on 6/20/2016
"We love Dr.Brown and all the staff. It's always welcoming and easy! Her teeth look great..."

Review Verified on 6/15/2016
"Does everything he says he'll do and more! Great man, great staff!"

Review Verified on 6/13/2016
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